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We are professional, experienced and fully qualified Level 2 Electricians servicing the Central Coast.

Langshaw Electrical is certified by the NSW Department of Energy and Accredited and Authorised by Ausgrid.

This type of work can’t be performed by a local electrician.

What can a level 2 Electrician do?

An ASP Level 2 electrician must be used when working on the Ausgrid network on the Central Coast. The work is considered from the network on the street, into the main switchboard.

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Our Level 2 Electrical services include

Switchboard upgrades

When upgrading a main switchboard or meter box, care needs to be taken in who is qualified to perform the work. An ASP Level 2 is required when installing smart meters, service fuses, meter protection fuses (mpd’s ) and cabling. As ASP level 2 electricians, we are qualified to perform the correct testing and verification of the installation. We also tag off fuses, meters and links relevant to the job.

We follow strict asbestos safety procedures when removing and disposing of electrical panels. We also supply and install the latest safety protection to complete a compliant installation.

Smart Metering and upgrades.

Langshaw Electrical is accredited to exchange, install and remove smart meters through Plus ES / Active Stream. This is an important part of switchboard upgrades and installations, due to recent rules and changes in the electricity industry.

Do you need a granny flat or second dwelling meter? Maybe a permanent disconnection or meter upgrade. We have you covered.

Click to see our Smartmeter page to see all the electricity retailers that we work with.

Overhead & underground service

This is the cable that comes from the network or Ausgrid pole on the street.

We can upgrade, move and remove the cable. We can also redirect the service cable to a private pole or point of attachment. If you have received a defect notice for a non-compliant cable, a level 2 electrician can rectify these issues.

Barge Fuses

Theses fuses are usually on the front of the building or at the top of a Private pole. These fuses protect the network, but deteriorate over time and need to be replaced. Our level 2 emergency 24/7 service will repair or replace quickly.

Emergency Electrician 24/7

Blown power, blown barge or service fuses, fallen poles, burning smells, flickering lights, burnt out switchboard, cables down, damaged equipment, lightning strikes and no hot water.

We can complete all after-hours emergency work.

We prioritise all dangerous emergency work for your safety.

Phase Upgrades

Do you keep losing power? Electricity tripping out? Need more power? Have you installed more appliances recently?

Langshaw Electrical can help. Depending on your situation, we can upgrade from single to three-phase power. This will ensure the safety of your installation.

Disconnect Reconnect

ASP Level electricians are qualified to work live on the electricity network, unlike an electrician. It’s very common for other trades and services to use Langshaw Electrical when working on or near the live power. By disconnecting the power we can eliminate danger to others.

Trades that use us.

  • Tree trimming
  • Roofers
  • Painters
  • Scaffolders
  • Builders

Defect Notice

If you have received an electrical defect notice this means that your current electrical installations are in breach of NSW safety requirements. These notices are typically issued after your premises have failed an inspection. Common issues that are typically flagged on an electrical defect include the following: dangerous or missing equipment, point of attachment issues, outdated switchboards, low hanging overhead cables, vegetation falling onto cables and weakened powerlines/power poles.

Only level 2 electricians possess the certifications and experience to resolve these issues. The property owner (not the tenant) has up to 21 days to contact a level 2 electrician to fix this problem.

Failure to act within this time frame will result in the property being disconnected from the main power network. This will result in the loss of all access to electricity until repairs are complete.

Contact Langshaw Electrical for any emergency 24/7. Call on 0408 002 225

Temporary Builders Supply

During construction, building sites will require temporary power for weeks or months. Generally installed on a private pole, a temporary builder service or TBS is a smart solution for temporary power.

Langshaw Electrical takes care of all the Ausgrid and metering paperwork for a smooth process.

Riser Brackets

Point of attachment riser brackets are installed to maintain specific rules and regulations. For new installations, repairs or defects contact today to arrange an inspection.

Private poles

Need a new timber or steel pole? Express installation throughout Central Coast.
Defect notice? Does it move? Is it ready to fall over?

Call for our emergency 24/7 electrical repair response.

Permanent disconnection

If you need to permanently disconnect from the network, we can do that too.

Langshaw Electrical is qualified to disconnect and remove all equipment and meters. We take care of all the paperwork and applications for your convenience.

FAQs about our electrical services

What areas do we service?

We cover all areas and suburbs of the Central Coast. Call today for your local level 2 electrician.

Why do i need an ASP level 2?

Level 2’s are authorised to install, maintain and repair electrical work on the network. This is dangerous work and should only be undertaken by Level 2 electricians that have a higher level of experience than normal electricians.

What is a Level 2 Electrician?

A Level 2 electrician has the accreditation and experience to perform Level 2 electrical work. They have all the government requirements such as public liability and are authorised to connect consumers to the network.

Are we qualified?

Langshaw Electrical is fully qualified and insured to perform electrical work on the Ausgrid network.
We take extensive safety training and Ausgrid rules exams yearly, to continue our ASP level 2 certification.

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